Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Bread with Plums and Hazelnuts

In a large mixing bowl combine:

  • 500 g whole wheat sourdough starter (300 g water+200 g flour+ 2 tablespoons of mother starter)
  • 500 g water
  • 250 g stone groundrye flour

Knead the dough. Autolyse for 45 minutes.
Then add:

  • 300 g  Italian plums (previously cut in fourths, cooked in the oven for 2 hours at 200 F in the oven to reduce their moistness)
  • 24 g salt

and work them through the dough. Set aside for another 45 minutes.
Then add:

  • 120 g hazelnuts (previously soaked in hot water, drained and halved).

Knead the dough and set aside for 45 minutes. Then stretch and fold the dough and set aside 45 minutes. Remove the dough from the mixing bowl to relax for 20 minutes. Pre-shape the dough into a ball and set aside for another 20 minutes. Shape the loaf and put into a proofing basket. Refrigerate for retarding (up to 12 hours).

for 40 minutes at 480F
for 10 minutes at 450F.

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