Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Four - grain Porridge Sourdough Bread

I  enjoyed the work with porridge dough - it was so smooth, easy to knead, really cooperative.
And bread was so soft and tasty. My husband ate 4 slices the same evening I baked the bread. Three days later I had to bake a new bread because we ate it all.

1st day, in the evening

220g organic multigrain hot cereal : rye,wheat, barley and oats
1/2 teaspoon  salt
1000 g water
 Simmer the grains in boiling water for 10 minutes.Cover the pot with lid and let to cool. Then add :
368 g whole wheat flour
420 g white whole wheat flour
Knead until all flour is fully incorporated, cover and put into refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
Prepare sourdough:
57 g  rye sourdough
132 g water
133 g dark rye flour (stone ground)
Let it ferment covered, in room temperature for 12 hours.

 2nd day, in the morning:

Remove the dough from refrigerator and leave it for 45 minutes in room temperature. Add sourdough.
Mix it through with your hand for a few minutes.Allow to rest for 30 minutes (delayed salt method).
Add the salt (22 g ) and work it through the dough. Let to rest for 30 minutes.
Give it turn and allow to stand for 30 minutes and give it another turn. That's enough.
Let to ferment for 6 hours (primary fermentation/first stage/ bulk proof).
Shape your bread into boule, using the flats of your hands.  Put into proofing basket. Cut into pieces (instead of scoring it). 

Proof the bread until it achieve their full potential , about 3 hours.

Set your oven to 500F and bake:
15 minutes with steam in 500F.
25 minutes in 4750F
15 minutes in 450F.
The loaf goes to yeastspotting at Wild Yeast Blog.


  1. och, it look's very, very yummi! ;] delicious.

  2. earthy, homey and so healthy; beautiful photos!