Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crew Cut Sourdough

Sordough Starter 1:
1 tablespoon rye sourdough
180 g water
160 g stone ground rye flour
 Nix the ingredients and let ferment for 12 hours.

Sordough Starter 2:
350 g sprouted kamut, ground
350 g water
320 g stone ground rye sourdough starter
Let ferment for 7 hours.

Final dough:
sourdough starter
300 g water
700 g whole wheat flour
100 g stone ground rye flour
50 g flax seeds
20 g salt.
Knead the dough and let ferment in the mixing bowl for 1 hour. Flat the dough and add 170 g dark sweet dried cherries. Shape the loaf. Move to a pizza peel and shape a hedgehog. Preheat the oven to 500F.
for 20 minutes at 490F,
for 20 minutes at 455F.

I wanted to make a hedgehog from sourdough dough. But when I showed it to my husband he called it a mouse. It reminds me more an armadillo.  Anyway, no matter how strange my Unidentified Sourdough Pet  looks, it will be eaten soon. :)

Sprouting Kamut Grains:

Rinse grains and drain. Put into a large bowl and cover with water. Cover with a cloth and set aside for 12 hours.
Drain and rinse the grains again. Bring back to the bowl, cover and set aside for another 12 hours.
Drain the grains, arrange them in an oblong baking pan or glass dish lined with a cloth. Set aside in a dark place for a few hours. Grind. You can keep them in refrigerator for a week or freeze for later usage.
To make  sprouted grain flour you need at first to dehydrate the sprouted grains and than grind them.

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