Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mishmash Sourdough Rye

I submit the loaves to Yeastspotting.

420 g rye sourdough starter ( 10 g rye sourdough + 240 g water + 180 g stone ground rye flour, fermented for 18 h)
800 g water
150 g sunflower seeds
55 g poppy seeds, ground
1106 g stone ground rye flour
21 g salt
380 g doughnuts, ground  ( I used 4 baked-apple-doughnuts-recipe I had in my freezer, I defrosted them in the microwave)

I combined all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, covered it and let it ferment from 8AM to 3 PM.
Then I shaped two loaves and let them proof for 1 hour plus time for preheating my oven to 500 F.

for 15 minutes at 480 F, with steam
for 30 minutes at 450F.

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