Monday, December 19, 2011

Omega-3 Sourdough for the Upcoming Winter

Both chia and flax seeds are the rich non-marine whole foods source of Omega-3 and dietary fiber . And they improve the taste of breads, which is also important.
I submit my Omega--3 Sourdough to Yeastspotting.

Sourdough Starters:
1 tablespoon  rye
200 g water
200 g  stone ground rye flour
1 tablespoon whole wheat sourdough
200 g water
200 g whole wheat flour
Let ferment for 12-15 hours.

Final dough:

rye starter (all but 1 tablespoon)
whole whet starter (all but 1 tablespoon)
800 g water
100 g whole wheat flour
100 g chia seeds
Combine the ingredients listed above and autolyse for 1 hour.
Then add 25 salt and knead the dough. Set aside for 15 minutes. Mix in 100 g flax seeds.
Let ferment for 4 hours at room temperature.
Shape the loaves and proof them for 3 hours.
for 15 minutes at 480 F, with steam
for 15 minutes at 450 F (my smallest loaf was ready)
for 15 minutes at 420 F.

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