Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rye-Spelt Sourdough with Pistachios

Rye and Spelt flour make very tasty bread.
I submit the Rye-Spelt Sourdough with Pistachios to Yeastspotting.

Sourdough Starter:
250 g stone ground rye flour
300 g water
1 tablespoon rye sourdough
Let ferment for 16 hours.

Final dough:
863 g stone ground rye flour
1000 g hot water
Combine the flour and water. Let cool completely.
Then add:
all of the sourdough starter minus 1 Tbsp
380 g whole spelt flour
21 g salt
227 g roasted unsalted pistachios
Combine the ingredients, cover and ferment for 6 hours in warm place. Put into two loaf pans (lined with parchment paper) and proof for 3 hours.

40 minutes at 470 F
30 minutes at 400 F, removed from pans and paper.
Let sit for 12 hours before cutting.

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