Sunday, February 5, 2012

Piña Colada Sourdough Bread

I submit the Piña Colada Sourdough Bread to Yeastspotting. 

Sourdough Starter:
1 teaspoon whole wheat sourdough
150 g water
150 g whole wheat flour
Let ferment for 15-17 hours.

Coconut water:
100 g  unsweetened  grated coconut
700 g boiling water
Soak the coconut in water, overnight.

Final dough:

all of the sourdough
coconut water
1000 g whole wheat flour
 combine the ingredients. Autolyse for 30 minutes. Then add:
20 g salt
170 g dried baby pineapple, chopped .
 Knead the dough, seat aside for 15 minutes. Repeat kneading. Cover and let ferment in warm place for 4 hours.
After 1st kneading
Fermented dough


for 35 minutes at 470F


  1. What a inventive recipe and your shaping and scoring are amazing.
    What does the actual bread taste like?
    How was the crumb? Tight or open?

  2. The crumb was tight. I was disappointed with its taste. The coconut didn't improve the flavor and made the bread drier. Using coconut milk may be a better idea. I should have soaked the pineapple - it was too though. I also believe,the baked loaf would have looked better if I hadn't scored it so deeply.
    Every loaf I bake is a lesson for me.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!