Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flat Loaf with Sparkling Wine and Fresh Figs

The bread has the smell of summer. It contains very sweet  fresh figs and  a litlle tart strawberry sparkling wine. It tasted best warm but I also enjoyed it  later with Brie.

Sourdough:/Zaczyn zakwasowy:
52 g rye sourdough (whole grain)/zakwasu zytniego
205 g water/wody
206 g white whole wheat flour from Trader Joe`s*/maki razowej z pszenicy bialej
*From my experience...I think that the flour from the white wheat has weak gluten. I  can shape the loaf only  when I reduce hydration significantly. Does anybody agrees with me? I do not have these problem with whole (red) wheat floor from Stop&Shop.

Wine ans Figs:
462 g NANDO Fragolino sparkling wine/wina
350 g fresh  figs/swiezych fig

Mix all ingredients for the sourdough and soak figs in wine. Leave them (covered) for 12 hours at room temperature. /
Wymieszalam wszystkie skladniki zaczynu oraz namoczylam pokrojone figi w winie. Zostawilam na 12 godzin w kuchni.

Final dough:/Ciasto chlebowe:
all above/caly zaczyn i figi w winie
459 g cooked and milled red wheat grains/gotowanych i zmielonych ziaren pszenicy
1024 g white whole wheat flour from Trader Joe`s/ maki j.w.
12 g salt/soli

Strain the figs a reserve the wine./Oddzielilam figi od wina

Dissolve the sourdough and grains in the wine. Add the flour and mix by hand. Autolyse the mixture for 30 minutes. Add the salt and figs. Knead the dough until all of the salt and figs are  incorporated.Cover the mixing bowl with plastic bag and let  the dough rest for 45 minutes. Knead again and let the dough ferment for 3 hours./ Rozpuscilam w winie zakwas i dodalam ziarna pszenicy. Dosypalam make i zagniotlam ciasto. Zostawilam je na 30 minut na autolize. Dodalam sol i figi, ponownie zagniotlam i odstawilam miske z ciastem na 45 minut. Po tym czasie zagniotlam ciasto jeszcze raz i zostawilam w misce na 3 godziny fermentacji.

Preheat oven (with a baking  stone) to 450 F./Rozgrzalam piekarnik z kamieniem do 450 F.
Place the dough on the peel  covered with parachment paper and some flour . Using wet fingers, gently spread the dough evenly over the parachment paper. Cover she top of the bread with some flour and with clean cloth./ Na lopacie rozlozylam papier do pieczenia i obsypalam go maka. Rozlozylam ciasto , obsypalam je na wierzchu maka i przykrylam scierka.

Put the bread in the oven and steam with 1/2 cup of boiling water. Bake 15 minutes with the steam  then  turn down the temperature in the oven to 400 F. Bake for another 10 minutes, remove the parachment paper and bake 10 minutes more./ Wlozylam chleb do piekarnika i naparowalam go 1/2 szklanki wrzatku. Pieklam kwadrans z para. Obnizylam temperature do 400 F, po 10 minutach usunelam papier spod chleba i dopiekalam go jeszcze 10 minut.

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  1. Oh yeah, I could eat a fresh slice of this bread..but you know, I've suddenly realised that I had never eaten fresh figs:)