Monday, August 9, 2010

Mixed - Flours Loaves by Anulka/ Mieszane bochenki Anulki

I have decide to write my blog in English to improve my writing skills and submit my posts to  Yeast Spotting. 

Soaker: /Namaczanka:
219 g whole wheat flour/maki pszennej razowej
200 g  boiling water/goracej wody
53 g golden roasted flax seeds/ siemienia lnianego
6 g salt/soli

130 g dark rye flour/maki zytniej razowej
122 g whole wheat flour/maki pszennej razowej
123 g organic spelt  flour (whole grain)/maki orkiszowej razowej
250 g  water/wody
35 g  mature sourdough  starter (wheat)*/zytniego zakwasu
45 g mature sourdough  starter (rye)*/pszennego zakwasu
*My  both sourdough starters are whole grain.
Mix all ingredients for the soaker and sourdough it for 10 hours at room temperature.

Final dough :/Ciasto wlasciwe:
424 g dark rye flour/maki zytniej
340 g whole wheat flour/maki pszennej
509 g  organic spelt  flour (whole grain)/maki orkiszowej
900 g of water/wody
soudough/zaczyn zakwasowy
24 g of salt/soli

Disperse the soaker and sourdough in the water. Add the flours (without the salt), Knead by hand until it is thoroughly combined and all the flour is hydrated. Let the mixture sit for  30 minutes./ Rozpuscilam zakwas i namaczanke w wodzie i dodalam make. Zagniotlam ciasto i odstawilam je na 30 minut.

Add the salt and knead the dough until all of the salt is incorporated.Cover the mixing bowl with plastic bag and let  the dough rest for 60 minutes./Dodalam sol, zagniotlam ciasto w misce i znowu odstawilam - na 1 godzine.
Knead again and divide the dough into two equal pieces. Ferment the dough for 3 hours./ Zagniotlam ciasto i zostawilam na 3 godziny fermentacji.
Preheat oven (with a baking  stone) to 500 F./Rozgrzalam piekarnik z kamieniem do 500 F.
Place the shaped loaves in oiled loaf pans (2-3) and cover with damp cloth. Score the loaves and put them in the oven./ Uformowalam bochenki, ulozylam je w foremkach i przykrylam scierka.
 Bake  for 10 minutes , then  turn down the temperature in the oven to 450 F. Bake for another 10 minutes, remove  loaves from the pans and place them on the stone. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove the loaves from the oven and let them cool completely on a wire rack before cutting into./ Pieklam 10 minut w 500 F i tyle samo czasu w 450 F. Wyjelam chleby z foremek i ulozylam na kamienu. Pieklam jeszcze 15-20 minut (jeden z bochenkow byl wiekszy od pozostalych).



  1. Anulko - that's a great idea that you are going to reshape your suberb blog into an English version, so that many other non-speaking Polish bread-making freaks can contribute form it by getting opportunity to read and know your recipes...I should also do something towards the improvement of my English, because at the moment as I use Danish on a daily basis ,it's a bit my first step is to write comments on your bread site in English...have a nice evening:)

  2. Ewa, Your writing skills really impressed me. I am sure that you speak English even better.

  3. I love the look of these breads! Do you use firm or liquid starters?

  4. Usually, my rye starter is more firm - but I cannot cut it- (because my rye flour is stone ground and takes more water and ferment slower) and the wheat is more liquid.
    It`s usually 100% hydration but I do not measure it very precisely.