Wednesday, October 27, 2010

100% Whole Rye Sourdough Bread with Cranberries/ Zytni z zurawina i otrebami

I  have missed rye bread so much. To have the bread as soon as possible I refreshed my sourdough  at first at 8 PM  and for the second time at 12:45 AM and  left on the warm shelf in my kitchen (above our old refrigerator which emits a lot of heat ). In the morning it looked and smelled perfectly.Rye dough doesn't require kneading. All you need it's a patience.  Let the wild yeasts work. 

The loaves go to yeastspotting at Wild Yeast Blog.

400 g  mature  rye sourdough
I took my rye starter from refrigerator (2 tablespoons) and added 1 teaspoon of whole rye flour to wake it up. Five hours later I took 1 tablespoon of starter and added: 200 g whole rye flour and 200 g water. I let it ferment for 7 hours.

800 g water
1200 g rye (stone ground) flour
27 g salt
121 g dried cranberries soaked in hot water, drained=146 g after soaking

Mix starter, water and flour. Set aside for 45 minutes. Add cranberries and salt. Work them through the dough.
Let ferment for around 6 h 30 m.
Shape loaves and let proof for 3 hours.

Then preheat  oven to 500 F with baking stone.

  • 480F with steam-10 minutes
  • 450F-10 minutes
  • 400F-30 minutes
  • turn off oven and leave loaves for 10 minutes inside oven with door ajar
  • Remove loaves; cut after 12 hours

400 g ozywionego zakwasu z maki zytniej razowej 100% hydracji
800 g wody
1200 g maki zytniej razowej
27 g soli
121 g suszonej zurawiny, namoczonej we wrzatku i odsaczonej=146 g

Wymieszalam zakwas i wode, dodalam make i wymieszalam ciasto. Po 45 minutach dodalam sol i zurawiny. Ciasto dojrzewalo przez 6 i pol godziny. Uformowalam bochenki i zostawilam do wyrosniecia na 3 godziny.
240 st.C-10 minut z para
225 st. C-10 minut
200 st.C-30 minut
wylaczylam piekarnik, uchylilam drzwiczki i zostawilam chleby na 10 minut ; po wyjeciu chleb kroilam dopiero po 12 godzinach.


  1. new proofing baskets? where can I get those? and bread itself - fantastic - as usual...I'm saving this recipe for later, definitely need to try it...

  2. I bought them from ebay. Not cheap -$12 each plus $3 shipping. But it was mu birthday present and I always wanted to have them.

  3. I was thinking about this bread so intensively so I took my rye sourdough out of the fridge, fed it well and finally made my own 100% rye sourdough bread with cranberries...I had to slightly change your formula, because I ended up with ca. 1 kg of rye sourdough (don't ask why:) but final bread was thanks to your idea... it smells delicious and tempting but I need to wait till tomorrow to take a bite

  4. That`s great. I'm happy to hear that you have made your own recipe. With such amount of sourdough-I assume -fermenting and proofing was shorter.
    In the Saturday evening I baked another rye with cranberries for our friend. I changed a little the formula above and added some old bread to dough.I also made a lot of sourdough-630 g. But baked a loaf for us-using wheat flour. So I didn't waste my sourdough too. I will be posting about it soon.