Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wild Blueberry Schiacciata ( sweet focaccia)

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Sourdough starter:
250 g whole wheat liquid  sourdough
250 g whole wheat flour
155 g water
Let ferment for 8 hours at room temperature.

Final dough:

550 g  sourdough starter
900 g whole wheat flour
235 g stone ground rye flour
680g water
4 tablespoon of olive oil
4 tablespoon of honey
445 g  wild blueberries
20 g salt

Combine the starter, water and rye flour. Add  the whole wheat flour and knead the dough for 15 minutes or so. Set aside for 30 minutes. Mix in  the salt, oil and honey. Cover the dough and set aside for 90 minutes. Degas the dough, cover and let proof for another 90 minutes. Divide the dough into. Shape  first  oblong from 2/3 of the dough (13x9") and second from the rest of the dough. Arrange 350 g  of the wild blueberries over the first oblong and cover with the second. Arrange the rest of the berries. Cover and refrigerate overnight for retarding.

In the morning remove the dough from refrigerator and preheat your oven withe the baking stone. Prepare for steaming.
(I retarded in the baking pan but baked without it.)
for 10 minutes at 500F
cover to prevent berries on top from burning
for 10 minutes at 480 F
for 20 minutes at 460F.

Moja pierwsza schiaciata-schiacciata z borowka amerykanska.

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