Saturday, January 21, 2012

Teff Sourdough Batons with Mango

It is the longest post I have ever written. It describes how a bread recipe is created. It is an improvisation. Ingredients are my actors, sourdough writes a scenario and I'm like  a director who is trying to control a process.

I submit the batons  to Yeastspotting.

At the beginning I wanted prepare Injera (Ethiopian bread), so I combined :
200g teff flour
350 g water
1 g salt
17 g stiff whole wheat sourdough

and I left it  to ferment for 12 hours in the kitchen. In the meantime I was searching for any Ethiopian recipe to serve it with Injera. I didn't find anything I could cook quickly so I gave up.
12 hours later
Then I added:
115 g whole wheat flour
3 g salt
teff sourdough kneaded with whole wheat flour

I left it for another 4-5 hours hoping that I would be able to make quick flat breads from the dough. But the dough was over-fermented and shaping flat breads was too difficult. I fried only two flat breads and I put the rest of the dough* to refrigerator.  
over-fermented dough
Two hours later I removed the dough from refrigerator, added 50 g of kamut flour and I gave it a few stretches and folds. Then it looked much better and I decided to use it up as a starter.
561 g dough*which I adapted for a starter 
Final dough:
561 g  teff sourdough starter*
1332 g whole wheat flour
951 g water

I kneaded the ingredients carefully and then I left the dough for 30 minutes and I added:
26 g salt
I kneaded for 10 minutes or so (I love kneading a large amount of dough) and then I covered the bowl with the dough and I put it to the refrigerator. It was 4 PM. Next day, about 9AM I removed the dough from the refrigerator. It looked very well. I degassed and divided the dough into 6 equal parts and pre-shaped them into batons. I brought them back to refrigerator for another 4 hours. 
Proofed batons

Then I flattened each baton and stuffed it with dried mango slices (170g). I proofed them at a room temperature for 1 hour and 40 minutes (time for heating the oven to 500F with  two baking stones inside, included).

I baked the batons with steam at 480 F for 20 minutes.

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