Friday, January 14, 2011

My sourdough starter in Poland

In January 12th I landed in Poland to visit my father. 
I miss my husband, our  home in NY and my two sourdough starters. I love baking my own bread so I decided to build another starter here.
I started on Tuesday evening (8 PM). I combined 1/4 cups of water with about 3 tablespoon of whole rye flour. After 24 hours I discarded half of the mixture and added the same amount of water and flour as yesterday.
In Thursday morning and in the evening I repeated discarding and feeding.
Here you can see my sourdough on Friday:
My sourdough after 63 hours from the first build.

The clock shows the local time for NYC but in Poland it was 5 PM.
Update: 3 hours later I posted about my starter he decided to leave his glass-jar. It was so vigorious!
I decided to discard half of the starter and put it to the fridge till I ready to bake .

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  1. Hello,
    Enjoyed your site! I wonder if you would trade some Colorado Mountain Sourdough for some from Poland. I'd love to try your starter! Thanks Jeff