Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friesian Rye

Link to recipe:
To moje drugie podejscie do tej receptury. Pierwsze bylo nieudane Zdjecie i  przepis po polsku tutaj.

Sourdough Starter:

100 g (dark) rye flour(stone ground)

26 g whole wheat sourdough
26 g dark rye sourdough

200 g water, lukewarm

Let ferment for 4-8 hours.

Intermediate Dough:

all of the sourdough starter

100 g dark rye flour

100 g whole wheat flour

150 g water, lukewarm

Let ferment for 4-8 hours.


25 g black sesame seeds

25 g sesame seeds

25 g sunflower seeds

100 g  boiling water

8 g salt

Final Dough:

all of the intermediate dough
all of the soaker
100 g dark rye flour
100g whole wheat flour
150 g water

Instruction by Hanseata
"Fill dough (up to 3/4) in lightly oiled sandwich loaf pan (8 1/2 x 4"), cover and let proof."- My comment: I used parchment paper and let proof for 5 hours.

"Preheat oven to 475 F (with baking stone and steam pan). Bake bread at 450 F for 15 min. (with steam during the first 10 min.), reduce temperature to 375 F and continue baking for another 15 min., until it holds its shape when removed from the pan."

"Remove bread from pan, transfer to a baking sheet or bake directly on baking stone for another 24 min., rotating loaf every 6 min., so that a different side is face down. Bread should be caramelized and crisp on all sides (internal temperature 200 F). Cool on wire rack. For the first 24 hrs., keep in paper bag to allow it to continue drying out and developing flavor. After that, it can be wrapped in aluminum foil."


  1. bardzo lubię tego typu pieczywo. wygląda na prawdę świetnie i bardzo zdrowo;)

    pozdrawiam serdecznie

  2. Cudny i super zdrowy chlebek.